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Regular column, “Nursing and the Arts” for Clinical Nurse Specialist: The International Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice.  1991-Present.

"The Antidote to Indifference* is Costly." September/October 2017: Vol. 31 (5)
"The Tragic Consequences of Indifference." July/August 2017: Vol. 31 (4)
"Dancers Talk More About Neurology than Neurologists Talk about Dancing. The Neurologists are Imbalanced." May/June 2017: Vol. 31(3)
"The Poet Wilfred Owen's Warning to the World." March/April 2017 Vol. 31 (2)
"A Letter to the Staff of the Memory Care Center" January/February 2017: Vol. 31 (1)
"How Do I Block the Fear?" November/December 2016: Vol. 30 (6)
"Dance til the Buffalo Come" September/October 2016: Vol. 30 (5)
"A Perspective on Compassion in Healthcare" July/August 2016: Vol. 30 (4)
"Why not Poems in the Waiting Room?" May/June 2016: Vol. 30 (3)
"Greg Lum's 'Prisoner of Pain' " March/April 2016: Vol. 30 (2)
"Reading the Burghers of Calais Through Touch" January/February 2016: Vol. 30 (1)
"Michael Verde's Memory Bridge: A Beacon of Hope for People Living with Dementia and Those Who Care for Them" November/December 2015: Vol 29 (6)
"A Healing, Restorative, Life-Enhancing Environment in the 1900s: The Free Hospital for Women in Brookline, Massachusetts" September/October 2015: Vol. 29 (5)
"Epic Arts Programs in Cambodia, China, and the United Kingdom Bring to Life the Humanizing Power of the Arts" July/August 2015: Vol. 29 (4)
"Surviving" by Herbert Mason. May/June: Vol. 29 (3)
"The Fine Art of Caring: People with Parksinson's and Their Care Partners" March/April 2015 Vol. 29 (2)
"Enhancing the Lives of People Living With Dementia" January/February 2015 Vol. 29 (1)
"With Grace: A Duet for a Dancer, David Leventhal and a Dancer with Parkinson's Disease, Pamela Quinn" November/December 2014 Vol 28 (6)
"Where the Heart Is" September/October 2014 Vol. 28 (5)
"The Patient's Voice - Does it Still Matter? The February 2014 Landmark Case Westminster London Court of Protection Deciding in Favor of Manuela Syke's Petition to Return to Home Despite Suffering From Dementia" July/August 2014 Vol. 28 (4)
"Art, Body and Soul: A Conversation with David Clegg, Part 3." May/June 2014 Vol. 28 (3)
"Art, Body and Soul: A Conversation with David Clegg, Part 2." March/April 2014 Vol. 28 (2)
"Art, Body and Soul: A Conversation with David Clegg." January/February 2014 Vol. 28 (1)
"Shared Minds: David Clegg's Trebus Project" 2013: 27(6)
"Revisiting the Mark Morris Dance Group Dance for Parkinson's Disease Program: 2013: 27(5)
"The Creative Spirit of Salim Nassar" 2013: 27(4)
"An Interchange of Humanity" 2013: 27(3)
"Information and Knowledge is Power: The Online Personal Health Record" 2013: 27(2)
"It's All About Choice" 2013: 27(1)
"Singing for the Joy of It, Singing for Hope, Singing to Heal: Music and Song Improves the Lives of Persons with Parkinson's Disease" 2012: 26(6)
"Empowering Women Since 1912: The Girl Scouts of America." 2012: 26(4)
"Laurel Archer Copp's Principle of Alternation: Preserving the Humanity of the Nurse." 2012: 26(3)
"Kenko's Ink Slab" 2012: 26(2).
"The Visitor" 2012: 26(1).
"The Art of Change: Quality of Life in Long-Term Care: New Dining Practice Standards" 2011: 25(6).
“The Fasting of the Heart” 2011: 25(5).
“Rembrandt’s Reverence for Life” 2011: 25(4).
“The Art and Science of Conversation: Implications for Long Term Care” 25(2).
“Betrayal of Conscience” 25(1).
“Art, Body, and Soul: a Conversation with Dancers David Leventhal and John Heginbotham” 2010: 24(6). ( Featured article on MarkMorrisDanceGroup website www.danceforpd.org  under resources/feature articles)
“Victoria Rhinehart’s Portrait of Healing in the Woods” 2010: 24(5)."The Living Veins of Art, Body, and Soul"  2010: 24(4).
“Plants, Art, and the Healing of Cancer” 2010: 24(3).
“Update: Music and Dance Bring Hope to Those with Parkinson’s Disease” 2010:24(2).
“Stewardship and Hope: The Story of a Tree” with Karen Moore.  2009:23(6).
“The Art of Dino Cavallari” 2009:23(5)
"Understanding Culture: The Art of Food From the Annals of the Caliphs' Kitchens"  2009:23(3)
"Music and Dance Bring Hope to Those with Parkinson Disease"  2009:23(2)
“Family and Friends Create Hope and Understanding for Those with Dementia” 2009:23(1)
“Allan Macurdy’s ‘Mastery of Life’ A Life Story for all Time”  2008:22(6)
“Hope in Bloom: A Living Tribute to Friendship and Courage” 2008: 22(5)
“Abby Mann’s ‘A Child is Waiting’” 2008:22(4)
“’There is a Bridge’ and the Trebus Project: Artists Create Hope and Understanding for Those with
   Dementia” 2008:22(2)
“The Human Factor” 2008:22(1)
“A Country Practice” 2007:22(6)
“The Road to the Pond” 2007:21(5)
“A Gala Event” 2007:21(4)
“Volunteerism: An Art and a Grace” 2007:21(2)
“An Interchange of Humanity” 2006:20(5)
“Consider the Lilies of the Field” 2006 (4)
“Tillis’ Healing Sounds” 2006(1)
“The Essential Elements of a Restorative Environment” 2005: 19(6)
“Ways of Thought” 2005: 19(5)
“Nature and Well-Being” 2005:19(4)
“The Healthcare Consumer’s Environmental Bill of Rights: Considering the Implications” 2005:19(3)
“The Compassionate Power of Friendship” 2005:19(2)
“Revisiting Kurosawa’s Ikiru.”  2004: Vol.18(1)
“Reflections on Suffering in Lorand Gaspar’s ‘Hospital Notes.’” 2003:Vol. 17(6)
“Reflections in a Mirror” 2003 Vol. 17(5)
“Dignity and Old Age: Meditations at Fair Acres Nursing Home” Vol. 17.(4)
“Salles’  Central Station: a Film of Light and Hope” 2003 Vol. 17 (3)
“Alhabeeb’s Calligraphy “Peace and Beauty”  2003 Vol. 17(2)
“Art, Literature and Nursing Phenomena” 2003 Vol. 17(1)
“Transmuting Anger into Compassion.” 2002  Vol. 16 No. 5
“The Role of Beauty, Color, Light and Nature in the Healing Process.” 2002  Vol. 16 No. 4‘
“Music Therapy: A Healing Art.”  2002: Vol. 16(3)
“Depictions of Sorrow and Hope: Nieve’s Metamorphosis: The Road to Recovery” 2002:Vol. 16(2)
“Collective and Individual Sorrow.” 2002: Vol. 16(1)
“Understanding Pity in O’Faolain’s Up the Bare Staircase,” 2001:Vol. 15(6)
“Health, Humanities and the Arts.”2001 Vol:15(5)
“The View from the Ledges.” 2001: Vol.15(4)
"The Caring Ethic," 2001:Vol. 15(3).
"A Measure of Healing from a Wendell Barry Elegiac Poem." 2000:Vol. 15(2).
"Living and Partly Living," 2000:Vol. 15(1).
"The Healing Power of Art and the Art of Healing," 2000:Vol. 14(6).
"The Joy of Music for All," 2000:Vol. 14(5).
“Reunion,”  Vol. 14(3)
"Delusions of Power," 2000:Vol. 14(1).
“Henry’s Rage”, 1999:Vol. 13(6).
“The Dangers of Moral Mediocrity: Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Men,” 1999:Vol 13(5).
“Casting a Cold Eye on Reality: Orwell’s The Road to Wigan Pier”, 1999:Vol. 13(3).
“Aesthetic Research Methods: Literature,” 1999:Vol. 13(2).
“Aesthetic Research Methods: Film,” 1998:Vol. 12(6).
“Aesthetic Research Methods: Sculpture,” 1998:Vol. 12(4).
“Dostoevsky’s Underground Man: Deformity of Soul,” 1998:Vol. 12(2).
Wendell Berry’s, “The Peace of Wild Things,” 1997:Vol. 11(3)
“Sorrow and Beauty: An Artist’s Dialectic,” 1997:Vol. 11(1)
"Reading to Another," 1996:Vol. 10(5)
"Health and Welfare Reform in the 17th Century: Carre's Monsieur Vincent," 1996:Vol. 10(3),
"The Legacy of Helena Willis Render (1896-1970)," 1996:Vol. 10(1), pp 1 & 2.
"The Elusiveness of the Human Will: Melville's 'Bartleby the Scrivener'," 1995:Vol. (5).
"An Understanding of the Implications of Affliction in Florio's 'Second Fruits'," 1995:Vol. 9(3).
"Duty and Fear: James Joyce's 'Eveline'," 1995: Vol. 9(1).
"A Call for Compassion for Prisoners in Lewisohn's 'The Children of the State'," 1994: Vol.
8(5), pp. 265, 288.
"An Understanding of Compassion" in Nepo's Acre of Light, 1994:Vol. 8(3)
"The Spirit of the Place," 1993:Vol. 7(6)
"Reverence for the Old," 1993:Vol. 7(4)
"Mrs. Hammond Speaks," 1993:Vol. 7(1)
"Catherine's Home Visit," 1992:Vol. 6(3)
"Baby Susan" 1992:Vol. 6(2)
"Two Stories of Adolescent Suicide," 1992:Vol. 6(1)
"The Compassionate Hands of the Nurse," 1991:Vol. 5(3)
"Gilgamesh: a Consolation for Loss," 1991:Vol. 5(2)
"Nursing and the Arts" introductory essay to Young-Mason's column appearing in Clinical Nurse
Specialist which is published quarterly Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  "Kurosawa's Red Beard: Teacher of Compassion," 1991:Vol. 5 (1), Anniversary Issue.