The Patient's Ins2

Instructor's Guide for The Patient's Voice: Experiences of Illness

F.A. Davis Co. 1997

Listening and responding to The Patient's Voice: The concentrated study of this text should be approached as an experience that will be made more accessible through the exercise of writing and reflection. The accounts should be thought of as an opportunity to converse with another who has had an experience that is to be with a companion met for the first time. These new companions have been, in some sense, victims but are now looking back, having found a way of living with illness that they wish to share with us. Through this work students gain a fresh understanding of what it means go be ill and their role in compassionate health care. The Guide emphasizes that The Patient's Voice is far more than a clinical vignette; it embodies the whole of the lived experience. Thus, these writing exercises have the potential of awakening in students a desire and curiosity to learn what patients want.